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The development and governance of the RSQM

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Restorative Justice Action Plan identified the need for, and tasked the Restorative Justice Council with delivering, a clear set of standards and a quality mark for services which meet the standards.

The resulting Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM) has been developed by the RJC, following consultation with a working group and a request for responses to a national consultation. The Restorative Service Standards and the RSQM test ran from June to October 2013, externally evaluated by the Charities Evaluation Services (CES). Click here for more information.

A system of monitoring and evaluation of the delivery of restorative practices has also been developed alongside the RSQM. This will provide an accurate national picture of the level, quality and effectiveness of restorative justice provision – the first time this has been a possibility.

The challenge with any standards and quality marking system is to capture the essence of good practice without stifling local ownership and innovation.

The six Restorative Service Standards developed by the RJC have been kept short and simple, recognising that the evidence towards the quality mark will look quite different in a school compared to a police force.

The RJC is also working to ensure the RSQM is accessible to small agencies and those mainly using restorative practice informally.