Steps to achieving the RSQM

1Free online health check

Before you apply for RSQM assessment, it is essential that you are working in line with the Restorative Service Standards. To help you with this, we have provided a free online health check tool which generates a free report – here.

The health check tool helps you to assess your restorative service against the six Restorative Service Standards. You can use it to work out to what extent you believe you meet each indicator. If you are new to restorative practice, you can also use the health check tool to help you plan the development of your service. There is additional guidance in the tabs on the health check tool to help you understand each of the indicators.

At the end of the health check process you will receive a free report highlighting your strengths, and any suggested areas for improvement. If required, the RJC team of consultants will then be available to provide support and consultancy to support you to develop your service in meeting the required standards.

When your health check indicates you are progressing well in relation to the indicators for every Standard, it is then possible to apply for the formal RSQM assessment process.

It is not possible to apply for RSQM approval before completing the health check.

2Support to develop your service (if required)

Additional support to help your service reach the required standard is also available should you need it. The RJC's ethos in administering the RSQM is to support and develop organisations. Our aim is not to criticise and condemn services, but rather to support them to achieve the standards required.

At the end of the health check process, if your agency is not ready to apply for the RSQM, the report you receive will highlight suggested areas for developing your service. Please contact us via to discuss your report.

We can help you to achieve the Restorative Service Standards by:

  • Discussing your online health check report
  • Providing further free advice from RJC staff
  • Access to our RJC-trained RSQM consultants
  • Using our online 'Find a trainer' search to train your staff/volunteers
  • Access to RJC free online materials and guidance

To find out more about any of the support options from the RJC, please contact us at or 020 7831 5700 or visit

3Initial application

Once your health check indicates that you are progressing well in relation to the indicators for every Standard, you will then need to complete an initial application. This involves telling us about the scope of your application and your restorative journey as well as committing to pay the RSQM assessment fee by requesting an invoice.

The RJC will process your initial application and invoice request. You will then receive a welcome email and your assessor will be allocated. You are now ready to start building your online RSQM portfolio. This involves uploading your evidence and comments to show how you meet the indicators for each standard.

4Assessor allocated

Once you have started your online RSQM portfolio, agreed to the RSQM terms and conditions and committed to pay the RSQM fee, we will assign you an RSQM assessor. Your RSQM assessor will:

  • Visit your agency twice as part of the assessment process
  • Guide you through the assessment process and signpost you to consultancy services, if appropriate
  • Review your portfolio evidence against the RSQM standards and indicators
  • Provide feedback on your application as it is developed

Your RSQM assessor will contact you within ten working days to make introductions and arrange a date for your first site visit.

5First site visit

The first RSQM site visit is your chance to ask any questions about the RSQM application process and the evidence you need to provide. Before the visit you will have identified in an evidence planner the evidence you already have in place. Your RSQM assessor will discuss your health check report, your evidence planner and any development needs. He/she will also explain the assessment process, agree a timetable with you, and explain the evidence required as well as how to use the online portfolio system.

6Develop your online portfolio

You can access your online portfolio and upload evidence as many times as you need before you request your final site visit. You will be asked to upload evidence to show how you meet the indicators for each of the six Restorative Service Standards.

Your portfolio has two parts:
1. A document library where you can upload all the documents you want your assessor to see. You can link each document to the relevant standards/indicators that it provides evidence for.

2. An evidence matrix, where for each indicator you can make comments about the evidence you have uploaded to tell the assessor more about the evidence, and explain how you have met the indicator.

For each standard you track the progress you have made, which indicators you have gathered all the evidence for, and which indicators you are still working on. There is additional help and guidance on the types of evidence you could provide.

When you have uploaded evidence for all the indicators in all the six standards, a final site visit by the assessor can be requested.

7Final site visit

Once you have uploaded all your evidence with comments to show how you meet the six Restorative Service Standards, you are ready to request your final site visit from your RSQM assessor. A plan for the day will be agreed between you and your assessor at least one week before the visit is due to take place.

The purpose of the site visit is for the assessor to review evidence and interview key people to assess whether your agency meets the requirements of RSQM. The final site visit will include interviews, a review of any evidence that could not be uploaded onto your online portfolio and dip sampling of case files/records. The visit may also include observations and focus group discussions.

8Final Report

Following the final site visit, and having provided the RJC with a list of all your restorative practitioners, you will receive a final report including a decision on whether or not your agency should be awarded the RSQM.

All reports are checked and verified by the RJC before the RJC makes a final decision as to whether your RSQM application should be approved or not.

Throughout the process your assessor and the RJC will work with you, with an ethos of supporting you to achieve the standards required for the RSQM, so nothing in the final report should come as a surprise.

The decision will be one of the following: 

  • RSQM approved
  • Improvement action plan required
  • RSQM declined, with a formal report explaining this decision


9Receive your RSQM

If your organisation has met the Restorative Service Standards, you will be awarded the RSQM. Congratulations!

You will receive a letter and a pack including your RSQM certificate. Now your agency has been RSQM approved, you will be able to display the RSQM logo. You will also have the opportunity to purchase an RSQM trophy.

Your RSQM approval will last for three years. To maintain your RSQM approval status you will be required to reapply for the RSQM after three years.