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Annual data returns

The annual data returns will ensure monitoring is in place to measure performance, enable you to benchmark your work against comparable services and allow for the development of a national, anonymised dataset for research, reporting and evaluation purposes. You may also be able to use the data for external inspection purposes.

To maintain your RSQM approval over the three-year approval period, you will need to have adequate data recording/monitoring provision in place. Services may already be collecting much, if not all, of the data required for the annual data returns. Do not worry if you are not already collecting what is required or if you need an improved, more secure way of collecting this data – the RJC have supported the development of some online tools to help you.

All restorative services will be required to complete anonymised annual data returns to the RJC online through a secure database at You just need to enter the data you have collected here and your return is complete. Please contact us for further information and IT support.

The data returns template is tailored to the particular sector in which your agency is based. Failure to provide an annual data return may result in the RJC removing your RSQM approval.

If the current method of collecting data needs improving, or if you need a system to collect the required data, please contact us for more information. A multi-partnership case management system that will meet the monitoring requirements, support partnership working and facilitator management has also been developed (see below).  

Alternatively you may want to consider whether you need to adapt your existing data collection systems in order to provide your information to the RJC. What data do you currently collect and what new data will you need to gather? Will you need to change your software systems? If you need to make changes to your existing systems and you are unsure about how to approach this, talk to your assessor in the first instance at the earliest opportunity.

The case management system 

The RJC has supported the development of a case management system which can be used to support the effective delivery of your restorative service. It is entirely optional whether you choose to purchase the system.

The case management system will:

  • Report and track progress, allowing information to be shared, free from the risk of it becoming lost
  • Allow all the information about a restorative case to be held in a single place (referrals, assign cases, case details, facilitators)  
  • Have account-level encryption (each account to have its own encryption password) and security is as per MoJ requirements
  • Allow you to add multiple agencies and users, with different permission levels  
  • Link multiple harmed files to harmer files and vice versa
  • Allow agencies to manage facilitators, including allocating workload, updating information about training and CPD reporting
  • Include 24/7 technical support from a dedicated team

To find out more about the case management system please contact us on or 020 7831 5700.