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Why Apply?

Restorative practice works. Research shows it delivers better outcomes across schools, care, community and the Criminal Justice System. Done well, it has the potential to change lives. The RJC want to make sure it is always done well so that people harmed by crime and conflict can be confident they'll get a safe, effective service that meets their needs.

The Restorative Service Standards – and the Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM) for agencies who meet those standards  will give the public that confidence. The RSQM aims to celebrate your good work and show that you are providing the public with a safe, high quality service.

The RSQM is a developmental process. The RJC can help you assess your own service, build towards the Restorative Service Standards, and go for independent assessment of your organisation when you're ready.

Achieving the RSQM means that you have been externally accredited against the six Restorative Service Standards. You will receive the RSQM logo and certificate to help you promote and celebrate your achievement, as well as receiving a range of wider benefits. The RSQM is valid for three years.

The RSQM is available to all organisations providing a restorative service to the public across a wide range of sectors, including criminal justice, community-based agencies, care and education.