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Testimonials and messages of support

Jeremy Wright, Justice Minister

"Restorative justice works but it should only happen when it's done safely and well. The RJC has an important contribution to make in setting the required standards for restorative justice across the Criminal Justice System and ensuring they are maintained through effective quality assurance."

Javed Khan, Victim Support

"We welcome the RJC Restorative Service Quality Mark, a key step in ensuring victims are safeguarded and have confidence in the quality of the restorative justice process. Restorative justice requires robust quality assurance to ensure the best outcomes for victims, and we support the quality mark in pursuit of that goal."

Garry Shewan, National Police Chiefs' Council lead on restorative justice and Chair of the multi-agency steering group which developed the RSQM

"I am proud of these Restorative Service Standards and the RSQM framework. I believe these standards distil the core of quality restorative service across a wide range of sectors. The quality mark will tell the public where the standards are being met and maintained, while allowing for innovation in delivery models at local level. This is something the field has wanted for a long time."

Catherine Allard, deputy head of Childs Hill School, London (RSQM recipient)

"As a deputy head I welcome these standards and the Restorative Service Quality Mark. These will provide a benchmark for schools and colleges to aim for, thus ensuring restorative schools are reflecting good practice in the ethos and day to day life of the school."

Sir Charles Pollard, chairman of Restorative Solutions Community Interest Company

"We fully support the RJC in its important work to develop high quality restorative justice, in which victims can feel confident and society can see reductions in re-offending and CJS costs. This is vital for the future of restorative justice."

Richard Monkhouse, deputy chair, Magistrates Association

"The introduction of restorative justice into the Magistrates Courts is one of the most positive developments of the last few years. In order for there to be a significant rise in the use of restorative justice, and for magistrates to become part of that development, the Magistracy need to feel confident in its safety and effectiveness; the Magistrates Association strongly supports the development of this quality mark in order to achieve this."

Becci Seaborne, Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service (RSQM recipient)

“I think it gives you a sense of achievement. It also enables you to benchmark against other organisations. And it’s an opportunity to tell your colleagues and your peers and wider colleagues within your sector about the fantastic work you are doing.”